Hit or Stretch!

Have you ever been running late for your tee time? 

Do you hit a few balls or do you stretch?

Obviously hitting a few balls before a round is a good idea if you leave yourself plenty of time, but if you have only 5 minutes before your tee time getting a really good stretch would be best.  Warming up your shoulders, hamstrings, calves and quads would limit your injuries and make for a better start to your round.

Here are a few quick stretches:

    •    Arms extended, make big and small circular motions forward and backwards- 8 to 10 count

    •    Bend forward try to touch your knee cap or toes- 8 to 10 count

    •    Now take some practice swings after your warmup 

VIOLA! You're ready to play some golf. 

Keep checking in for my quick tips on how you can start developing good golf habits TODAY!