"Golf is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle" ~ Adam Porzak


Private Lesson


-Sports Psychology

Playing Lesson (on-course)

-Course management and strategy

-Mental Game

- Pre-shot routine

-Application of swing technique to the course

Private Clinics (catered to the group)

-Corporate clinics and outings

-Group clinics

-Couples/Family clinics

-Health and Fitness Evaluations

-Golf Fitness/training

Our Story

Our team consists of playing professionals, PGA Tour Caddies, Health & Fitness professionals and experienced instructors.  Not only do we have an eye for the game, but in the case of juniors our experience is vitally important in helping parents with the raising of a junior golfer in today's competitive environment.

Integrity, sportsmanship and respect for the game and others are key values of the Porzak Golf Academy.  Our Students should expect us to instill confidence in their games, teach how one can use better judgement on and off the course and have the perseverance to succeed.